Bistro L'Ami Fritz

A bistro that offers the taste of Alsace

56 Bromont boulevard

    450 919-1173

Freddy Durrenburger

Our Chef is Native of Alsace

The flambé tart freshly prepared

Discover the purest Alsatian tradition at Bistro l'Ami Fritz located in Bromont. Imagine yourself in a historic district of Strasbourg enjoying flambé tart adored by the Alsatians.

The chef-owner is from Alsace and prepares dough and cream flamekueches every day to ensure freshness and refined taste.

The bistro is named Ami Fritz which is really the nickname of the chef Freddy during his teenage years.

"At the Bistro, everyone is welcome and we forget good manners. We enjoy life, flammekueche and good wine."


Enjoy the authentic Flammekueches of Alsace.

Flammekueche repas

Flammekueches meals


Imagine a fine homemade dough, a cream mix cooked and a refined filling of your choice.


flammekueches sucrés

Sweet Flammekueches

These dessert pies are perfect for sweet teeth. Which one will tickle your palate ... Apple, pear or blueberry?

Wine and beer pairing

Receive advice from our chef native of Alsace and discover subtle secrets about wine or beer pairing.

Pre-cooked delicacies


Impress your guests with small apetizer bites or an original entry.  Available by ten, order minimum 48 hours in advance.


Fresh pretzels

Every Sunday, fresh pretzels are available to take away. Fresh out of the oven, they are waiting for you.

L'Ami Fritz Bistro in Bromont

Quality ingredients






100% Alsace

Wine & Beer from Alsace


On site or for take-out!

Don't Play Solo !

Enjoy your meal "A Gueter" !!

If you want to follow the pure tradition, then forget about the individual board, forks and knives. It's not a pizza or a pancake. The flammekueche rise to a moment of sharing and conviviality. It must sit in the middle of the table and be eaten in a group with your fingers.

At the table, the flammekueches are served at a regular interval without interruption until satiety. Accompanied ideally by an Alsatian white wine such as Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner or a good beer.

tarte flambée bromont

Ideally served with

Ideally served with an Alsatian white wine or a good beer.

Alsace, I love that you're in Bromont

Have a good time enjoying the authentic flammekueche.

Our Signature Dish

The flambé tart named L'Ami Fritz.

tarte flambée Ami Fritz


Imagine a fine bread dough and a tasty mixture of cream accompanied by onions, smoked bacon and covered with Kaiser Fritz raclette cheese.

You end up with our delicious signature dish, the flambé tart L'Ami Fritz.

Let's Have Fun

How well do you know Alsace ?

How do we pronounce Flammekueche ?

Do you find the name difficult to pronounce? L'Ami Fritz will help you. Think of "flammes and coeur" and pronounce the two words together "flammecoeur", that's it.

Is a flambé tart like a pizza ?
Where does the name l'Ami Fritz come from ?

Flammekueche's Origin


Its origin dates back to the 18th century.

18th century
18th century

Originally, Flammekueche was exclusively a peasant meal.


Made from the farm tradition of Alsace, Flammekueche (flambé tart) is a unique dish cooked in stone in a wood oven, mostly on farms who made their own bread.


Once a week, the farmer prepared bread for the need of its people on the farm. The farmer would also prepare Flammekueche which was cooked when the wood oven temperature was at the highest.


Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: 11h30 am to 2 pm - 5 pm to 7h30 pm

Thursday: 11h30 am to 2 pm - 5 pm to 7h30 pm

Friday: 11h30 am to 2 pm - 5 pm to 8h30 pm

Saturday: 11h30 am to 2 pm - 5 pm to 8h30 pm

Sunday: 11h am to 2 pm - 5 pm to 7h30 pm

56 Bromont boulevard in Bromont

    450 919-1173

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